Culture-Specific Menus for Events and Weddings

Churros by Celine and Company

Celine & Company boasts a culturally rich history and a diverse kitchen staff. We have the training and the desire to build the culture-specific menu you envison. Back in the ‘90s, our Asheville catering company was just getting going. Founder Celine Lurey brought her traditional Egyptian culture into the food she prepared. When, then, head chef Kim Lloyd arrived they aligned in their love and talent for preparing traditional Meditteranean dishes. Now the owner operator, Kim continues to passionately build menus. She seeks out kitchen staff that portray an aptitude for preparing unique, wordly, and traditional culture food items. 

For instance, our executive chef Austin Tisdale has extensive experience in preparing cuisine from a wide variety of Asian cultures. His wife and fellow chef for Celine & Company hails from Mexico. She combines her traditional customs with her professional experience to create incredible regional dishes. Her talent is not alone in our kitchen. Celine & Company currently boasts kitchen staff who have a worldly knowledge of cultural food and experience in devising menus, such as Indian, Mediterranean, Korean, and Latin American, for various events in Asheville. 

Wine Night hosted by Celine & Company and Metro Wines

Our most recent cultural event held at Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” event space in Asheville was a decadent and delicious wine dinner. Our menu, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, delicately paired with the Spanish wines that were served that evening by Metro Wines of Asheville. We started the night with piquello pepper and smoked goat cheese bites softly placed on edible flower petals. We followed with a traditional Spanish gazpacho and charred ciabatta with escalivada. The entree was a delicious lamb meatballs topped with Spanish paprika tomato sauce, white asparagus with saffron aioli, and a zesty lemon gremolata. 

Celine & Company takes delight in preparing culture-specific menus. We always work with the event coordinator, client, or other point-of-contact to be sure our kitchen is on target. Our wine dinner concluded with churros for dessert. Lightly fried until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the fritters were then rolled in cinnamon and sugar and plated with chocolate ganache on the side—every churros served was devoured! 

Catering Cultural Weddings in Asheville 

Weddings are often cultural events. Celine & Company takes great care to properly prepare dishes that are important to the client. Furthermore, we seize the opportunity to learn and grow our knowledge when a new dish is presented to our kitchen. The wine-paired menu described above was inspired by an opportunity we had to cater a Spanish wedding the previous summer. We love this type of experience. We want our clients to know how willing, excited, and trained our staff is to make menus that are inspired by their culture and traditions. 

When clients request a specific dish we are unfamiliar with, our response is always, “Teach us!” It was an aunt of the groom who taught us how to prepare authentic Persian Jeweled Rice. From Filipino lumpias to Nigerian jollof rice, our Asheville catering kitchen takes pride in sharing our skills for preparing global cuisine items. It is through our extensive experience as one of the most well-known and best catering companies in Asheville, and our openness to learn new dishes, that Celine & Company can offer clients a menu for their guests that make them think of home. Whether home is the American South, Mexico, Ethiopia, Italy, India, or Thailand, we look forward to accommodating your cultural event and food traditions. 

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Catering to Baked Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Breaking the bread at a Russian wedding in Asheville

From the breaking of the bread to cutting the cake, baked food traditions for weddings are steeped in symbolism for the newlywed couple. Whether your family is from the South and looking for the best Southern-style wedding cake in Asheville, or you have guests traveling from another continent for your Asheville destination wedding, let Celine & Company make it a night filled with your family’s favorite baked food. Celine & Company’s in-house pastry chef Rebecca Millsapps is experienced and talented at her trade, and enjoys preparing either traditional or unique baked items for clients. For some of our dessert examples from previous menus, click here or keep reading for some of our favorite baked wedding food traditions from around the world. 

Wedding Reception Begins with the Breaking of the Bread

We’re kicking off the list with the breaking of the bread. Originally from Bulgarian culture, the breaking of the bread happens at the beginning of the reception. The mother of the bride hands the newlyweds the loaf for them to tug on. Whoever gets the larger chunk is considered the “boss” of the marriage. In this tradition, the mother of the bride bakes the bread before the wedding. However, Celine & Company stands ready to assist. We can use our own bread loaf recipe, or yours! We often experience and are accustomed to the whole family participating in the days leading up to the wedding. We are honored when a client wants to share their family’s favorite recipes with our kitchen staff. Let us know beforehand, and we look forward to scheduling a time for you to come down to our kitchen and teach us your ways. 
Should You Do a “Princess” Cake Or Groom’s Cake? 

In Sweden, weddings often include the elegant traditional Prinsesstarta cake, or “”Princess” cake. This decadent wedding cake consists of alternating layers or jam, pastry cream, and sponge cake with a thick top layer of whipped cream. The layers are wrapped in marzipan, traditionally dyed light green, and adorned with a pink marzipan rose and powdered sugar. Meanwhile, in the American South, it has become a tradition to allow the groom to design the wedding cake. The groom’s design does not usually include princesses, but more often includes football team logos, the groom’s home state, favorite animal, or—even—a “stacked donut” cake. We love these images of Groom’s cakes. Note: although we do not bake wedding cakes in-house, Celine & Company has worked closely with a number of local wedding cake bakeries and has solid recommendations that are sure to exceed our client’s expectations. 

“Happily Married” Wedding Favors 

In Brazil, bem casados (“happily married”) are delicious little cookies that are traditionally given to guests as wedding favors. Consisting of two small sponge cake disks with dulce de leche in the middle, bem casados send off your wedding guests with a tasty treat and beautiful symbolism for the married couple. Contact Celine & Company Catering and Events in Asheville to discuss your cultural wedding or other traditional event. We look forward to hearing about your culture’s food traditions and how we can help you keep them alive and well. 

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August 2019 WomanUP Event in Asheville NC

. August 2019 WomanUP Event at the Crowne Plaza in Asheville. Catered by Celine and Company.
August 2019 WomanUP Event at the Crowne Plaza in Asheville

The August 2019 WomanUP Event in Asheville NC happened this past week. It was led by Cheri Torres, author of the book Conversations Worth Having—and what an event it was for Celine & Company. Our woman-owned catering business looks forward to every WomanUP event, and continuing our relationship with the Asheville community of ladies in business. The discussions are motivational, the attendees are interested in connecting with each other, and everyone takes part in fueling each other’s individual successes. Celine & Company cannot emphasize enough our pride in being both a sponsor for this nonprofit event and caterer of this powerful meeting-of-the-minds that ultimately contributes to the economic health of our beloved Asheville community. 

How We Do Breakfast For 400 Business Women

As experienced caterers in a progressive city, Celine & Company is at the forefront of healthy eating trends, and has extensive experience accommodating dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences in our menus. We are constantly developing and testing new menu items for vegetarians, vegans, and people following the paleo or keto diets, as well as menu items that accommodate allergies to gluten, nuts, dairy, and more.  For instance, our breakfast menu for the August 2019 WomanUP event boasted vegan herbed potatoes, gluten-free shrimp and grits, gluten-free protein balls, vegan muffins, and more.

Celine & Company event staff sets up our breakfast buffet for WomanUP at three stations. The stations are strategically positioned around the large room, so the coffee is always nearby and the breakfast line at each station is never long. We want your attendees to be able to locate the breakfast fare, fill their plate with a meal that caters to their personal diet, and easily make their way back to their seats. 

How To Create a Magical Buffet Table For Your Seminar

It might begin with a mutual appreciation for the fresh blueberry muffins but—as we often witness—the conversation turns into a meet-and-greet and exchange of ideas. 

We are seasoned professionals in the catering business who know firsthand that a buffet can be an uninspiring fixture in the room or a magical conversation starter. As proud business owners, we cannot help smiling at the sight of attendees engaged in conversation around our tastefully decorated (and tasty!) buffet. As event leaders, you can also take delight in getting your attendees engaging with each other before your day’s agenda starts. 

What better way to kick off your seminar than with a cup of delicious coffee and friendly conversation? Allowing Celine & Company to cater your event in Asheville—whether you are hosting a seminar, luncheon, formal dinner, or silent auction—lets you experience what puts us at the forefront of a competitive industry for over 25 years. 

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Why Make Asheville Your Off-Site Conference Destination This Autumn?

Asheville in the Fall, Off-Site Conference Destination.
Asheville in the Fall

Asheville has remained a popular destination in autumn for more than a century. Our ideal sweater-weather climate and the restorative effect of the clean mountain air is legendary. With multiple options for experiencing spas and wellness centers, mountain adventures, eclectic retail stores and restaurants, historic landmarks, and recreational adventures that suit all ability levels, Asheville is an unmatched destination for conferences and executive retreats this autumn.

Now Booking Autumn in Asheville Executive Retreats at Celine & Company

At the top of the list of reasons to conduct your business retreat or conference meeting in Asheville are its vibrant fall colors and endless mountain vistas. Celine & Company is gearing up for a wonderful season filled with Asheville autumn weddings, conferences, luncheons, celebrations, and corporate retreats in the crisp mountain air of Western North Carolina. With our central location and accessibility, Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” venue in downtown Asheville is an ideal site for your corporate event in the Smoky Mountains this autumn. Treat your leadership and executives to Asheville’s vibrant urban community and cultural downtown scene. 

Southern Hospitality in Our Vintage-Urban Venue

Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” event space is in close proximity to downtown Asheville attractions, including the world-famous Biltmore House, Grove Park Inn & Spa, live music nearly every night of the week, local brewery tours, and so much more. At Celine & Company event and catering company, southern hospitality is our specialty dish. We understand you want to get off of the beaten tourist path, and our staff is ready to help you get the local knowledge you need so your company retreat feels truly one-of-a-kind. 

Our kitchen and wait staff take pride in exceeding our client’s expectations, so come see why we are at the forefront of the event industry and catering in Asheville for over 25 years. 

Why Hold Day Meetings Outside the Hotel?

It is a pleasure to see the beautiful Appalachian Mountains behind Asheville’s vibrant and colorful cityscape. Allow each morning to start with a vista of rolling fog, blue mountains, and colorful fall leaves as attendees commute the short distance to Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” corporate event space. 

Since our vintage venue is located 2 blocks north of Pack Square and Vance Monument with multiple hotels within a short walking distance, your attendees can take their time and easily make their way to our event meeting space on the edge of downtown. Exceeding our client’s expectations is more than our business, it is our pleasure. Come see why we are at the forefront of a competitive industry for nearly three decades. Contact Celine & Company today to discuss your corporate meeting, retreat, auction, or conference needs this autumn. 

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Celine & Company is a Prime Location For Corporate Events in Asheville

Celine & Company is a leader in the catering and event industry in Asheville for over 25 years. Our reputation precedes us because we offer our guests a one-of-a-kind vintage atmosphere, excellent customer care, and unique catering options for each event. We know how much work business leaders put into their corporate events, and what is required from us for a successful event. Our kitchen and wait staff are known for their professionalism, experience, and make it their priority to exceed our client’s expectations. 

Professional, Elegant Meeting Space in Asheville

When you require an event space that offers luxury, convenience, and comfort for your corporate event—whether it be a learning seminar, holiday party, silent auction, or business luncheon—our downtown Asheville event venue is an ideal location. Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” is an airy, large, open space with high ceilings and vintage-themed venue decor. We have a street-level entrance in the heart of Downtown Asheville with multiple hotel and parking options within a short walking distance.  Your guests will enjoy gathering in an iconic building—we’re listed on the National Historic Registry!—that offers an antique yet elegant atmosphere and all the modern accommodations you expect in an urban event venue. Our corporate event space can easily accommodate up to 275 seated guests and can be rearranged by our staff to cater to your unique needs regarding presentations, seating arrangement, and meal options. 

How is That White-Walled Hotel Meeting Room? 

Hotels are functional and convenient by design, but they often lack creative output. When the objectives of your business event are to learn, discuss, generate, and grow, your environment plays a role. Celine & Company takes equal pride in accommodating our local Asheville non-profit events and welcoming out-of-town businesses. Regardless of whether you conduct business locally or are coming to Asheville for a corporate retreat or off-site meeting, consider the benefit of allowing your guests to stretch their legs somewhere other than a hotel parking lot. Lunch break walkabouts in our colorful mountain town during an all-day business meeting offer the visual and mental stimulation to truly “break” from the agenda, and come back feeling refreshed. 

Exceeding Expectations

Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” is a vintage-themed venue located in the heart of Asheville’s vibrant and historic Central Business District, just two blocks north of Pack Square and Vance Monument.  Contact Celine & Company today to discuss your corporate meeting, retreat, auction, or conference needs. Exceeding your expectations is more than our business, it is our pleasure. Come see why we are at the forefront of a competitive industry for over 25 years. 

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Congrats! You’re A 2019 Crown Jewel Award Nominee!

Crown Jewel Awards

We are so honored to be nominated, recognizing the creativity behind one of the premier events in the Carolinas. We make every event special for our client.


The Crown Jewel Awards is the signature event of the ILEA Charlotte Chapter. The Crown Jewel Awards competition was created for the Creative Events and Hospitality professionals of the Carolinas, giving other association members a platform to get recognized for their work in their industries. All hospitality professionals can enter the awards competition and attend the Charlotte-based ceremony and gala in April. The awards are anonymously judged by another ILEA Chapter located outside of North and South Carolina.

From 2000-2015 this awards ceremony was known as the EVIEs, or Events in Excellence, and was open to ILEA Members and Non-Members alike. In 2015, the ILEA board decided to give the EVIEs a facelift and re-branded the event as the Crown Jewel Awards. Many of the categories for the award entries will remain the same and will be based off the highly contested International Esprit awards, but the goal is all encompassing.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Company Meeting at C+C

There are many factors that go into making the perfect corporate meeting. From location to presentation and, of course, the food. Celine and Company has everything you could possibly desire to create the best environment for your next meeting.

Location, Location, Location

Finding a location that is both accessible and accommodating for any business affair is crucial in planning a corporate meeting. Built in 1926, the Broadway Arts Building boasts close to 6,000 sq. ft in the heart of downtown Asheville. The perfect location convenient to most Asheville hotels and transportation, this vintage style building is both accessible and elegant. The main room can comfortably fit 275 people in a standing expo style environment, or about 225 guests for seated events with accommodations such as tables, podiums, and seating arranged to your specifications.

Audio Visual

Have a meeting that involves PowerPoint or speakers who need the limelight? Celine and Company will arrange delivery and setup of podiums, AV equipment, and even a rentable stage to ensure your corporate meeting has the proper tools to get the job done.

Agenda for Guests and Venue

When executing any event, it is vital that your guests are all on the same page when it comes to the flow of a meeting or event—and equally important that the venue complies with your schedule. Celine and Company can provide an event coordinator that will work with you to make sure that your meeting or event will run smoothly—including scheduling, dining and bar services.

Warm and Welcoming Hospitality

It’s important to feel at home in any venue. At Celine and Company all staff members come to work with the dedication and professionalism that ensures that each event is met with exemplary service. Celine and Company strives to work with your expectations and budget to make sure the event is perfectly staffed and running as smoothly as possible throughout the entire event process.

Amazing Catering!

With detailed, nutritionally balanced and delicious menus designed personally for each event, it’s no surprise that Owner Kim Lloyd, a classically trained chef, will work with you to create a custom menu that perfectly fits the atmosphere of your next meeting—whether it’s healthy snacks and beverages, a cocktail style event, or a five-course meal.

With a focus on sustainability and experiential service, Celine and Company is incomparable when it comes to hosting important corporate events. With their unbeatable environment, great food, and excellent service, Celine and Company offers a stress-free, professional environment to make your next corporate meeting memorable. Contact us for your event and don’t forget to ask about our Corporate Packages.

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How To WOW Your Guests at Your Next Corporate Meeting

Coffee Networking

The success of any corporate meeting starts with your attention to details during the planning process. What most organizers forget is that events aren’t only about getting a number of people together in a meeting room. A company meeting should be an opportunity to both strengthen and expand the relationships between each attendee.  It should also be an enjoyable event for your guests; one that they won’t easily forget. In this blog, we’ll see how to plan a corporate meet-up that is guaranteed to WOW your guests!

One Rule: Fill In The Blanks

While most of your day will be spent discussing strategies and accomplishments, every corporate meeting should incorporate meaningful moments of downtime. This is when your guests aren’t engaged in group activities and thus tend to scatter. Some might walk out for a breath of fresh air, others will leave the venue altogether and explore the surrounding area.

Downtime is actually the most powerful ally for a successful corporate meeting. Here’s how you should make the best of it:

  1. Plan interactive coffee breaks to help your guests punch through the ice. Coffee is the nectar that keeps most professionals up and running even through the busiest of days. Still, a majority of us prefer to sip their cup in silence and solitude. As pleasant as this might be, such behavior is a no-go for corporate meetings.  When that mid-morning break finally comes up, make sure you include plenty of group activities. These will help your people be more social, strengthening their ability to work together!
  2. Organize an after-hour cocktail reception giving everyone a chance to unwind. After a long day at work, who doesn’t like to take the edge off with a craft cocktail and pleasant conversation? As you’re planning your corporate meeting, you should include at least one cocktail reception. Simply pick a venue, hire a group of musicians, invite your guests to order their favorites, and sit back as they mingle and socialize!
  3. Hire a skilled group of catering professionals for a meal your guests won’t forget. Your corporate meeting will only be as successful as the food you serve. This is why you should refer to a professional like Chef Kim at Céline and Company Catering. Chef Kim’s focus is on a well balanced daily meal plan including fresh and flavorful vegan and gluten free options. Celine and Company Catering is also conscientious of event flow logistics and time management parameters.

Corporate Dinner Plate

What are you waiting for? Contact us and start planning a memorable corporate meeting today!

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Asheville – A Vibrant City Perfect for Your Next Company Meeting

Downtown Dusk Shot

Location, location, location – we know you have heard it before but the right location can make or break the success of your meeting. You’re about to ask your employees to pack their belongings and spend several days away from the comfort of their homes. The place that hosts your company meetings must be able to provide a productive environment for working and a relaxing one for unwinding!

Among the 50 US states, North Carolina is particularly suited for hosting company meetings. Its pleasant climate – with cool summers and warm winters – as well as its rich history and beautiful landscapes make this region desirable for everyone. Asheville is conveniently located in Western North Carolina and boasts a majestic mountain backdrop!

Why Asheville?

Founded on top of an ancient Spanish colony, the city affectionately nicknamed the “Land Of the Sky” is the biggest settlement in Western North Carolina. It’s collaborative community and the diverse local culture have allowed this sprawling town to rise and become a nationally recognized travel destination, but that’s not all! Here’s why any event planner should choose the highly experiential Asheville to host their next corporate event.

Relative vicinity to an airport, as well as other infrastructure. The Asheville regional airport connects the area to all major travel hubs in the United States. Local and national airlines offer flights to the city, with low fares and daily trips. Those attending your company meeting will never have to worry about changing flights or spending long hours in security lines!

Breathtaking points of interest, for some much needed after-hours downtime. All work and no play make any company meeting grueling. Fortunately, Asheville offers several points of interest that those attending your event will be able to visit in their free time. Places such as the Biltmore House, Blue Ridge Parkway, the North Carolina Arboretum, and multiple US National Historic Landmarks will allow your guests to relax, let go of their stress, and enjoy the uniqueness of the scenery that surrounds them. This doesn’t only make for a good vacation, but also boosts their performance throughout the whole event!

Buskers playing in Asheville, NC

A centuries-old culinary tradition, kept alive by the chefs at Céline and Company. American and International delicacies come together in the streets of Asheville. Local farm fresh ingredients make up the backbone of the region’s cuisine, with a mix of flavors that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

At the helm of Céline and Company since 2006, Chef Kim Lloyd strives to offer catering for any kind of corporate events, no matter how big or small. Let us take care of your next company meeting and treat all participants to a dining experience that they won’t forget.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right now and move the first step towards a successful company meeting in Asheville!

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Just Economics and Just Brew It!

Celine and Company Catering is proud to be a Living Wage Workplace and to support Just Economics at this year’s Just Brew It Homebrew Tasting and Competition!

certificationlogoJust Economics of Western North Carolina’s “Living Wage Certification Program” is the largest program of its kind in the nation. With nearly 400 local certified employers they are setting the bar and inspiring other communities to follow suit. Being Living Wage Certified means that an employer pays all of their employees at least a wage that is sufficient to live in any given area. Many variables determine the living wage of a particular region and in most cases what is considered a living wage is higher than the federally established minimum wage. For Asheville, the living wage is set at $12.50/hr and $11/hr if the employer provides health insurance. The advocacy behind living wage programs stems from a common belief that the federal minimum wage has not kept up with the increase in cost of living. Many would agree that is especially true in developing cities like Asheville.

The benefits of paying a living wage are realized on a personal level, a business level and a socioeconomic level.  Starting with the employees that have a chance of living above the poverty line; productivity increases as financial stresses decrease. Business owners see a lower turn-over rate, an increase in worker morale and thus a more positive work environment for everyone. On a larger scale, the greater economy benefits as people making a living wage are more capable of maintaining stable housing and supporting other businesses. Everyone wins.

The mission of Just Economics, together with their largest contributors; The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and The United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, is to “serve our communities through focus on philanthropy and economic development.” Their combined focus for 2016 is in promoting living wages, efficient transit and affordable housing.


Just Economics of WNC supports its efforts by involving the community in events like the Just Brew It Homebrew Festival taking place this Saturday, June 4 at The Wedge Brewery. This annual festival features more than one hundred local homebrews for sampling, live music, food trucks, a scavenger hunt and more! In order to attend the festival, you must be a current member of Just Economics of WNC. Basic Memberships start at just $25/person.


To learn more about becoming Living Wage Certified, Just Brew It Homebrew Festival or other programs like their Community Education, and Leadership Development, Transportation Campaign, or to simply donate to this incredible cause, visit their website at

To see what other cities are doing to promote a sustainable economy through Living Wage Campaigns, explore some of these great resources and maybe you can begin to make a difference in your own community.

The Durham Living Wage Project was launched last year and is modeled after Asheville’s Living Wage Certification Program!

Atlanta’s Living Wage Ordinance was initially proposed in 2003 and would require businesses with a financial relationship with the city of Atlanta to pay a living wage to their employees and provide a minimum level of healthcare. The proposal has been heavily debated for over a decade and a resolution has yet to be found. A significant difference between this proposed ordinance and Just Economics’ Living Wage Certification, and others like it, is that the implementation would be mandated and not voluntary.

To find out what the Living Wage is for your city, visit

~Marisha MacMorran

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