Wedding Planning in Uncertain Times

Planning Your Wedding in Uncertain Times

You may be one of many people planning your wedding in these uncertain and epic COVID-19 times. Clients, wedding vendors and guests are finding themselves saddened by postponements and a bit lost as to how to move forward.  Please remember, there is still much good news. First and most importantly, celebrating love has rarely felt more important! Second, experienced and enthusiastic vendors here in our Asheville community, and elsewhere, are more eager than ever to get back to planning the day of your dreams.  And next, your family and loved ones cannot wait to have something beautiful to celebrate and there is time available to plan and fine tune the details of your big day.

 A World- Wide Pandemic and Shifting Priorities

Yes, a world- wide pandemic has a way of shifting priorities.  Take the time you have now to solidify your wedding vision.  Are you dreaming of something simpler or more intimate than originally planned?  Would you like to add a significant way to honor your relatives? Is there a signature cocktail that now speaks to you a little louder?  No need to change everything, and maybe not anything, but keep dreaming of that perfect day and find joy in firming up details. 

Maybe You’ve Waited Long Enough

Maybe it is not the details that fill your head, but the timeline. You are ready to be married!   Email your vendors now and let them know you are ready to go as soon as guidelines recommend it is safe to gather and celebrate.  Pick vendors that can fulfill more than one of your needs.  Here at Celine and Company we can include the venue, outstanding catering, innovative bar options and onsite day of planning. Only pick vendors who are well established.  They will have connections in their community and be willing and able to help you fulfill all your needs quickly with reliable and proven vendors.  They know an amazing DJ they have worked with 1000’s of times. They know a wedding planner who is also a florist.  They are well- versed on the inventory of the rental facility.  Well established vendors have planned hundreds of weddings and have the ratings to prove they know how to make your day special, even, especially, on short notice.

Community Matters More Than Ever

Getting married is a proclamation to the world.  You are saying that you believe in connection.  You believe in being forever connected to your love and partner.  You have invited witnesses who believe in you and form the community from which you will both draw from and add to.   You are making a stand for the power of love, optimism, beauty and laughter. You are planning your wedding in uncertain times but we are here with 25 years of experience, enthusiasm and connections to facilitate your vision and celebrate your joy.