Top Tips for Choosing The Best Caterer For Your Event In Asheville

With so many catering choices in Asheville, it can seem impossible to choose one for your upcoming event. As seasoned caterers with decades of experience, Celine & Company is well positioned to help you make an informed decision. If you are like many people today, you consult review websites and take recommendations from friends seriously. After all, bad food is unacceptable on your wedding night. Regardless of whether you need a caterer in Asheville because you are getting married, hosting a gala, or conducting a business conference, great food assists in the total success of the event. For your convenience, we compiled a list of our top “pro tips” that will ultimately help you select the best caterer in Asheville for your event. 

Celine & Company Caters All Types of Events

In preparing food for a large group of people, experience counts. Make sure you secure a caterer for your event who not only has a lot of experience and positive reviews, but also the right type of experience. What I mean is that a caterer who specializes in outdoor barbeques may not be best equipped to cater your upcoming black-tie gala in downtown Asheville. Get your money’s worth by hiring the best person for the job. Pro tip #1: discernment is key. 

We Take Delight in Catering Your Event in Asheville

Events can range from moderately expensive to very costly. One key player in your event budget is the caterer. As a big hitters in your event, the caterer should show high energy from the first email to the end of the event. Before you even consider menu options and pricing, evaluate how the caterer initially responds to you and your big day. It is telling you what kind of service you will get after you sign a contract and give a non-refundable deposit. Pro tip #2: evaluate first impressions.

Rest Assured We’ll Be There With Flowers in Our Hair

This brings us to our next point. Speaking of contracts, a caterer should have a clear policy and procedure for securing their services for your event. As an experienced and reputable catering company in Asheville, we have pride in our service offered and stand by our word. We have full disclosure of all costs in our proposals and it is not our practice to add service charge and gratuity percentages. Make sure your catering contract is clear. Contracts should include a detailed listing of the date, event time frame, food items, beverages, type of services, and number of staff. Also, all pricing information, deposit requirements, cancellation policy and final payment guidelines should be clear. Pro tip # 3: protect yourself.

Sincerely, The Pros at Celine & Company

At Celine & Company, we offer menus that reflect popular trends in the food industry. Our ability to provide catering services that match your event—whether it is a BBQ or black-tie gala—go unmatched. It is more than our business; it is our sincere pleasure to deliver according to your needs and exceed your expectations. Our wait staff is professional, friendly, and outgoing.  Our kitchen staff is talented in multi-regional food preparation. Our chefs excel at creating food for all dietary needs. Whether you are hosting a seminar, luncheon, formal dinner, or getting married, let Celine & Company show you what puts us at the forefront of a competitive industry for over 25 years.