Tips to Make Your Sweetheart Table Stand Out

At Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” reception hall, the celebrated couple at the event should sit at a sweetheart table that stands out. Celine & Company in Asheville, NC has compiled our favorite recommendations to make your sweetheart table stand out. We have over 25 years of experience helping couples make sure their night is fabulous in every way. Let us help make your sweetheart table beautifully decorated and the center of attention all night long. 

Creative Newlywed Signs

Make sure your newlywed seating sign is different from the rest of the table seating cards. You want to let everyone know your table is for the newly-est wedded. At Celine & Company, we recommend getting creative with your signs by opting for elaborate and colored letters, glitter, LED lights, and anything else that will help make the sign pop out. Additionally, our downtown event space offers candle holders, votives, and plentiful in-house accessories that could be the final touch to bring it all together. 

Royal Seats For the Married Couple

At Celine & Company, we believe the newlywed couple are royalty for a day, and where do kings and queens sit but in thrones? That is why we highly recommend fancy signs that hang on the back of lavishly decorated chairs. The signs could say “Bride” and “Groom” or “Just Married” if the generic gender denotations are not a fit.   This way you make a clear and cute statement as to where you- the guests of honor sit!

Linens That Pop

Make your sweetheart table pop by decorating it with linens and flowers that are bolder colors than the general color theme for the wedding.  You can do this by using complementary colors. For instance, if your wedding is white and yellow theme, use lavender and purple accents on your sweetheart table. Alternatively, you can incorporate bolder, brighter, or deeper shades on the sweetheart table. For instance, if your winter wedding has a lot of dark reds, rich brown, and holly green, the sweetheart table could incorporate bright red, peachy pink, and mint green. Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” event space in downtown Asheville has a wide assortment of linens in different materials and colors. Additionally, our glassware, accessories and decor make up a curated vintage-urban collection and can accommodate any wedding color theme. 

 Designing a Bold Centerpiece

Once you enter the reception hall, you will want to sit at a table that honors the special day. This is where the centerpiece comes in. It’s your opportunity to design a mini-monument for your sweetheart table. At Celine & Company, we recommend letting your creativity fly. Whether you need tall candlestick holders, flower vases, or anything else to help make the centerpiece a magnificent work of art, we have you covered. 

Many wedding venues in Asheville require the marrying couple to have a wedding planner. At Celine & Company, however, this is not required. We stand out by having both the experience and accommodations to either work with a planner or help make your DIY wedding an organized and successful event. From fancy sweetheart table to specialty cocktails to a plated dinner for 200+ guests, we have everything you need. For your 2020 wedding, let us show you why we are at the forefront of a competitive industry for over 25 years. 

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