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2020- Hold the Music

2020- hold the music- wedding caterers forced to hit pause

The Year We Hit Pause

At Celine and Company Catering, we love events! This is what we do. Weddings- always! Rehearsal dinners- yes, please.  Fundraisers- every chance we get.  Corporate luncheons, trainings, award ceremonies, holiday parties- these are our jam!  Bar Mitzvahs, 60th Birthdays, Quinceanera- you get the idea. We love our historic venue and we are honored to be a part of people’s special moments both in our space and in other beautiful venues around Asheville.  But, as y’all know, these special events were put on pause in 2020 when the pandemic began.  Now, four months down the road, they have not fully returned.   So, here we are, missing the satisfaction of doing what we do well.  We miss feeding folks, caring for folks, using our expertise to bring their vision to life. 

 Everybody Pivot Now 

Luckily, we are a small, independent business.  Celine and Company runs on creativity and hard work.  We are not bogged down by heavy infrastructure, but we do have overhead.  We must pay our bills and we must keep our clients and staff safe and cared for.  So, we have done what so many small businesses have done, pivoted our business model.  Large indoor events cannot currently be guaranteed safe, but a restaurant safely distanced (at half or less capacity) with guests and staff following all safety precautions, this could allow us to do what we love again. Celine and Company presents The Hideaway “On Broadway”. Our spacious vintage dining room is now a restaurant offering live music, weekend dinner and Sunday brunch.  Again, we are sprucing up our space, adding locally grown flowers, tall plants and elegant centerpieces.  Again, our stoves are hot.  Our chef is menu planning and cooking to order.  Our floor staff is serving and caring for our guests.  This is not how we imagined summer 2020, but it is where we are supposed to be.   

Just Keep Stepping  

So, we cannot do exactly what we have always loved.  We have had to help our dearly loved clients postpone their cherished events.  We think about them daily and continue to work for them, booking very small events now and planning large events for the future.    In the meantime, we keep moving and creating joy.  We serve delicious food to grateful guests.  We fill our space with local talent.  The musicians have been everything.  They are their own small business and too have been hard hit by the pandemic economy. We offer them a safe place to perform and they bring the joy and emotion we so sorely need. We are still celebrating events- anniversaries and birthdays, but for 2 or 6, instead of 200.   

Sad Songs You Can Dance To 

We are turning lemons into lemonade, but that doesn’t mean some days are not still sour.  This year has not been easy for anyone, especially small business owners.  We commiserate daily with other vendors and restaurant owners.  How can we keep our business afloat financially and keep our beloved staff and clients safe?  We apply for assistance.  We develop thorough protocols- and we follow them. We pay attention to our community’s desires and their needs.  Daily we ask ourselves, “Are we still safe?  Are we supporting each other?  Is business still viable?”   We open the doors on Friday night knowing we are offering our best- incredibly delicious food, local beer, inspiring music.  We are supporting farmers, brewers, staff and local patrons.  For several hours Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we forget our worries and have the absolute joy of taking care of others.  Events almost always wow with a single unplanned moment of magic you couldn’t see coming.  As it turns out, pop up restaurants do the same.  We connect with people even thru masks.  Humans are resilient, small businesses too.

Culture-Specific Menus for Events and Weddings

Churros by Celine and Company

Celine & Company boasts a culturally rich history and a diverse kitchen staff. We have the training and the desire to build the culture-specific menu you envison. Back in the ‘90s, our Asheville catering company was just getting going. Founder Celine Lurey brought her traditional Egyptian culture into the food she prepared. When, then, head chef Kim Lloyd arrived they aligned in their love and talent for preparing traditional Meditteranean dishes. Now the owner operator, Kim continues to passionately build menus. She seeks out kitchen staff that portray an aptitude for preparing unique, wordly, and traditional culture food items. 

For instance, our executive chef Austin Tisdale has extensive experience in preparing cuisine from a wide variety of Asian cultures. His wife and fellow chef for Celine & Company hails from Mexico. She combines her traditional customs with her professional experience to create incredible regional dishes. Her talent is not alone in our kitchen. Celine & Company currently boasts kitchen staff who have a worldly knowledge of cultural food and experience in devising menus, such as Indian, Mediterranean, Korean, and Latin American, for various events in Asheville. 

Wine Night hosted by Celine & Company and Metro Wines

Our most recent cultural event held at Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” event space in Asheville was a decadent and delicious wine dinner. Our menu, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, delicately paired with the Spanish wines that were served that evening by Metro Wines of Asheville. We started the night with piquello pepper and smoked goat cheese bites softly placed on edible flower petals. We followed with a traditional Spanish gazpacho and charred ciabatta with escalivada. The entree was a delicious lamb meatballs topped with Spanish paprika tomato sauce, white asparagus with saffron aioli, and a zesty lemon gremolata. 

Celine & Company takes delight in preparing culture-specific menus. We always work with the event coordinator, client, or other point-of-contact to be sure our kitchen is on target. Our wine dinner concluded with churros for dessert. Lightly fried until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the fritters were then rolled in cinnamon and sugar and plated with chocolate ganache on the side—every churros served was devoured! 

Catering Cultural Weddings in Asheville 

Weddings are often cultural events. Celine & Company takes great care to properly prepare dishes that are important to the client. Furthermore, we seize the opportunity to learn and grow our knowledge when a new dish is presented to our kitchen. The wine-paired menu described above was inspired by an opportunity we had to cater a Spanish wedding the previous summer. We love this type of experience. We want our clients to know how willing, excited, and trained our staff is to make menus that are inspired by their culture and traditions. 

When clients request a specific dish we are unfamiliar with, our response is always, “Teach us!” It was an aunt of the groom who taught us how to prepare authentic Persian Jeweled Rice. From Filipino lumpias to Nigerian jollof rice, our Asheville catering kitchen takes pride in sharing our skills for preparing global cuisine items. It is through our extensive experience as one of the most well-known and best catering companies in Asheville, and our openness to learn new dishes, that Celine & Company can offer clients a menu for their guests that make them think of home. Whether home is the American South, Mexico, Ethiopia, Italy, India, or Thailand, we look forward to accommodating your cultural event and food traditions.