Nancy Kerr

Asheville Chef Kim Lloyd
Nancy Kerr
November 20, 2015

Kim and her team were amazing to work with! From the tasting to the event Kim made my groom and I feel like she was excited about our event and wanted to do everything she could to make sure it was perfect. When we showed up to our venue (offsite) two days before there was no running water and no electricity in the catering kitchen and Kim didn’t let it phase her, she made it work. Our menu was catered to us, my groom is a foodie and so loved being able to help in adding special touches. We picked out two signature drinks for the cocktail hour and her team made them exactly like we wanted! We liked being able to determine our own menu, to have it be unique to us and not just have to chose from a prescribed list. On the day of, Kim had her team running super smoothly, she did not interrupt my day once to ask a question which was really important to me. The food was amazing – we got so many compliments – and there was more than plenty of it. She sent us off with a well stocked doggie bag! Kim thought of everything, asked every question she needed to in preparation so that our day could be perfect! I DEFINITELY recommend working with her!

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