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2020- Hold the Music

2020- hold the music- wedding caterers forced to hit pause

The Year We Hit Pause

At Celine and Company Catering, we love events! This is what we do. Weddings- always! Rehearsal dinners- yes, please.  Fundraisers- every chance we get.  Corporate luncheons, trainings, award ceremonies, holiday parties- these are our jam!  Bar Mitzvahs, 60th Birthdays, Quinceanera- you get the idea. We love our historic venue and we are honored to be a part of people’s special moments both in our space and in other beautiful venues around Asheville.  But, as y’all know, these special events were put on pause in 2020 when the pandemic began.  Now, four months down the road, they have not fully returned.   So, here we are, missing the satisfaction of doing what we do well.  We miss feeding folks, caring for folks, using our expertise to bring their vision to life. 

 Everybody Pivot Now 

Luckily, we are a small, independent business.  Celine and Company runs on creativity and hard work.  We are not bogged down by heavy infrastructure, but we do have overhead.  We must pay our bills and we must keep our clients and staff safe and cared for.  So, we have done what so many small businesses have done, pivoted our business model.  Large indoor events cannot currently be guaranteed safe, but a restaurant safely distanced (at half or less capacity) with guests and staff following all safety precautions, this could allow us to do what we love again. Celine and Company presents The Hideaway “On Broadway”. Our spacious vintage dining room is now a restaurant offering live music, weekend dinner and Sunday brunch.  Again, we are sprucing up our space, adding locally grown flowers, tall plants and elegant centerpieces.  Again, our stoves are hot.  Our chef is menu planning and cooking to order.  Our floor staff is serving and caring for our guests.  This is not how we imagined summer 2020, but it is where we are supposed to be.   

Just Keep Stepping  

So, we cannot do exactly what we have always loved.  We have had to help our dearly loved clients postpone their cherished events.  We think about them daily and continue to work for them, booking very small events now and planning large events for the future.    In the meantime, we keep moving and creating joy.  We serve delicious food to grateful guests.  We fill our space with local talent.  The musicians have been everything.  They are their own small business and too have been hard hit by the pandemic economy. We offer them a safe place to perform and they bring the joy and emotion we so sorely need. We are still celebrating events- anniversaries and birthdays, but for 2 or 6, instead of 200.   

Sad Songs You Can Dance To 

We are turning lemons into lemonade, but that doesn’t mean some days are not still sour.  This year has not been easy for anyone, especially small business owners.  We commiserate daily with other vendors and restaurant owners.  How can we keep our business afloat financially and keep our beloved staff and clients safe?  We apply for assistance.  We develop thorough protocols- and we follow them. We pay attention to our community’s desires and their needs.  Daily we ask ourselves, “Are we still safe?  Are we supporting each other?  Is business still viable?”   We open the doors on Friday night knowing we are offering our best- incredibly delicious food, local beer, inspiring music.  We are supporting farmers, brewers, staff and local patrons.  For several hours Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we forget our worries and have the absolute joy of taking care of others.  Events almost always wow with a single unplanned moment of magic you couldn’t see coming.  As it turns out, pop up restaurants do the same.  We connect with people even thru masks.  Humans are resilient, small businesses too.

DIY Weddings at Celine & Company

DIY wedding venue Asheville

DIY Wedding Venue in Asheville

When you are planning a DIY wedding, the last thing you need to worry about is whether you have enough cake forks for 200 guests or if Aunt Mable will be cold if it rains. DIY weddings are a big endeavor. So, do not make yours harder than it has to be. Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” event space is one of the few in the entire Asheville area that welcomes weddings conducted without a wedding planner. This is largely due to our extensive experience in the wedding industry. We not only have kitchen staff and bartenders who can help you design a crowd-pleasing wedding menu that pairs nicely with your wedding cocktails, but we also have all your bases covered.  This includes nearby hotels, experienced staff, an event coordinator and decor accessories. As it might be difficult to do DIY every wedding detail, know that we are prepared with recommendations for DJs, cake bakers , and floral design companies.

Think Twice About Hiring A Friend

When you are planning your wedding on your own, it is very important that you feel comfortable giving direct instructions and honest answers about what you want and don’t want. If friends or family offer help, consider smaller roles that allow them to participate in the planning without getting too involved. Furthermore, you want your friends and relatives to be able to enjoy the festivities without obligations. Leave the obligations to professionals. At Celine & Company, we have over 25 years of experience and expect clients to tell us exactly what they need from our team. It is not only our business, it is our pleasure to fulfill client requests. 

Eliminate the Time Crunch

Celine & Company’s “On Broadway” event space in downtown Asheville easily accommodates DIY weddings. We are insured and handicap accessible. Our venue is fully staffed with servers, bartenders, and an event host who will help your guests navigate our event space as they arrive. We also have tables, chairs, linens, silverware, plates, cups, glasses, and anything else your guests need to sit, eat, and drink. Perhaps, most importantly, we can open the venue to you and your vendors as early as 10:00 am the day of your wedding.  Now you have all the time you need to set up your DIY decor exactly as you envision it.

Come to Celine & Company first for your DIY wedding in Asheville. Our team is here to bring your plans to life.