“Love is all you need!” Fast forward your planning pace and remember 2020 as your year to celebrate.

Couples on Your Marks

Restrictions are about to be lifted. Soon we will be free to gather safely again. You have had time to dream. As we take our first steps out of quarantine, make the most of this first phase of life re-opening, speed up the planning process and get down to celebrating the beginning of the rest of your life. You are moving quickly but you do not have to give up on one-of-a-kind details. Have you found your dress? Well stocked bridal shops like David’s Bridal and bridal boutiques like Asheville’s Meadowbrooke Bridal will be among the phase 1 opening vendors and be able to take appointments. Choose a dress from off the rack and then personalize your look with one of Brooke’s unique hand-crafted veils- see photo above!


Vendors are Set

All manner of wedding vendors have also spent their downtime dreaming and refining safety and hospitality details for post-COVID gatherings. They are set and ready to celebrate you and your loved one. Next step – phone one vendor that can cover more than one of your needs. Celine and Company is both your beautiful vintage downtown venue and your award-winning custom caterer. Move forward quickly – tap into a network of vendors that will work efficiently together and save time without sacrificing quality. By beginning with the right vendor you are immediately connected to their network of vendors. This means less time needed for research and fewer worries about the fluidity of your wedding day. With Asheville’s extensive network of qualified professionals, availability doesn’t have to be an obstacle. A Bride’s DJ knows how to play music to match every emotion of your big day. BobbyMarks Designs bring the flowers and the aesthetics worthy of your vision. Sarah Whitmeyer Photography has been photographing weddings since 2005. Her advice is to find the photographer whose work speaks to you, has been in business at least 5 years and is focused primarily on weddings. Vendors worth hiring in every aspect of your wedding should give the same advice. Remember experienced, connected, highly rated vendors can work quickly without forgoing the magic that your big day deserves. 

Your Community Has Trained For This

In these past few months even the most reluctant among us have gotten more comfortable with technology. Grandparents have gone from the occasional heart emoji to Friday night dinners via Zoom. Final step -use the network that you have built. In just a few hours you can reach out to friends and family, let them know your waiting is over and delegate some of the special details that will make your day unique. Your best friend is ready with the toast that will both make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes. Your mom has been ready for this forever and was born in high gear. Put her in charge of gathering special family photos and finding that something borrowed and something blue. Your best person has perfected your favorite cocktail and can send a photo recipe directly to your caterer. Most businesses have grown their online offerings and renting and purchasing what you still need has never been easier. Invite your friends with the beautiful invitation you’ve always envisioned -sent digitally. Technology and your loved ones are great assets. They are the network that makes planning efficient and personal. 


Planning your wedding more like a sprint and less like a marathon means no time for jitters or stress and just enough time to get it right and celebrate. We have all become familiar with the downsides of waiting. Now is the time to revel in your ability to be bold and spontaneous, a privilege we have all been missing! There is a specific beautiful energy to a day well planned but not overly ordered. Your special day will be seamless but unscheduled enough to leave room for magic. An August 2020 bride was quoted in a recent New York Times article about how you spent your last days before the pandemic, “Thinking about wedding planning now, in the grand scheme of things, is still special but not a priority anymore. I’m most looking forward to getting our families all together again, safe, healthy, in one room again.” You know you have found your One. You know your loved ones want nothing more than to celebrate you. Shorten the course and deepen the joy. Why wait another moment when you are ready to celebrate your most important moment now?! You have precious hours and all the professionals, loved ones, and tools at your disposal. Go ahead, run with it.